I learned a lot when growing up in Yaounde, Cameroon. My interest in basketball started at a young age watching NBA matches on T.V. and my brother playing in our backyard. I have been fortunate to play basketball in the U.S.A. at different levels including community college, my four-year college, and semi-professionally. I have had many opportunities to grow through basketball and I’d like to give back this knowledge to the community where I currently live, but also the community in which I grew up. The mission is to provide youth within Yaounde the opportunity to participate and learn through a free basketball camp. Not only our camp provides a fundamental basketball skillset it will also provide life skills, encouragement, and support. Youth ages 12-16 .

The purpose of this initiative is to give basketball and athletic shoes to kids in need within Cameroon (primarily through the Hoops and Hops Basketball Camp). Many children within Yaounde come from underprivileged families and your donation will be just a small relief to the families.

Summary for the first page:

We support orphaned and vulnerable children in Cameroon by providing for their physical, educational, nutritional, medical, and emotional needs.
An orphan is defined as a child deprived by death of one or both parents -or- one deprived of some protection or advantage. At DK association, we believe the orphan is a child or human who has no identity or relationship with the Lord. There is only one Heavenly Father that can heal and fill the heart.

Our goal is to meet the needs of the orphan in a physical, emotional, & spiritual manner. We help people who have no identity heal, gain a family that loves and cares for them, and help them to know their God-given purpose.



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